Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno

In 1972 Luciano Regoli tried to found another band, dedicated to the research of the desecrating foundations of the sacred progressive empire, and to project them towards dark sound trajectories. Arthur Brown’s lesson had been vital for the former vocalist of Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray. In fact, in “Per… un mondo di cristallo”, an effervescent album by Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno – whose line-up consisted of young guitarist Nanni Civitenga, pianist Stefano Piermarioli, drummer Francesco Froggio Francica (from Panna Fredda) bassist Manlio Zacchia and flutist Damaso Grassi – is distinguished by some excruciating, deep unhealthy patterns belonging to the school of the above mentioned Arthur Brown, but also of the early David Bowie. The LP is also characterized by a warm jazzy sound, hard rock moments and sensational lyrics by Marina Comin (wife of the producer Pino Tuccimei), focused on the role of a man thrown into a Black Universe, in the middle of a gruesome nature where the human being, once back home from a long voyage, finds in his land the most bitter void.

Having appeared on the 1st Villa Pamphili Festival in 1972 at the Palasport in Rome, with Roberto Gardin on playing the bass instead of the guitar, at the Pop Festival in Palermo, at the legendary Piper club and various other youth events, the band set out to participate to the 1973 Sanremo Festival, but eventually everything failed and the group fell apart in that same year – perhaps the most important for the Italian progressive rock – and each musician followed a different path from that moment on.

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