Green noise – 2013

The international open air is one of the most important events for “Plyos Museum Reservation”.
This year the third international open air “Green noise – 2013” (Russia – Italy) is taking place.
The project is traditionally financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and the Department of Culture and cultural heritage of the Ivanovo region.
The main purpose of the international open air “Green noise” is popularization and development of the realistic trend in modern art, organization of conditions for creative communication and exchange of experience for realist artists from different cities and countries.
Also we support young talented painters, and form the unique collection of works for “Plyos Museum Reservation”.
The partecipants of the open air are bright talented painters, the pride of modern art. Most of them have never been in Plyos.
Two weeks in nature for them is not only a good opportunity to enlarge the treasure of their works but learn about Russian culture.
The visit of Italian masters is very important for the “Green noise”: the influence of Italian school, great cultural and historical heritage the air of Italian cities is filled with, sets a high level of the international open air in Russia.

Alla Chayanova
Director of “Plyos Museum Reservation”