One-man show at the Linguella in the Torre Medicea del Martello in Portoferraio.
One-man show in the Sala della Castellina of Palazzo del Vignola in Norcia.

Thanks to the patronage of Ferruccio Nuzzo (in the role of Matthew in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s The Gospel according to Matthew) who also collected his paintings, he can use a studio located on Rue de Pot de Fer 2, Paris until 1998. This allows him to sojourn extensively in Paris, London and in the French countryside where he paints portraits and landscapes.

For his exhibits, he no longer relies on traditional art galleries but entrusts his antique dealer friends to host his one-man shows.
One-man show at the Galleria Antiquaria Rallo in Cremona.
One-man show at the Galleria Cosy in Piacenza.

On invitation af Lucia Caselli, antique dealer and collector of his works, he is introduced for the first time to Florentine portraiture.
One-man show at the Lucia Caselli Antichità in Florence.
One-man show at the Galleria Oggetti Smarriti in Rome.
One-man show at the Centro per le Arti Visive e Figurative Telemaco Signorini, in Portoferraio.
His first monograph is published by Edizioni ERA “Vitalità della tradizione pittorica europea nella pittura di Luciano Regoli”, with critical essays by Prof. Enrico Crispolti and Domenico Guzzi, and an introduction by Gian Luigi Rondi, as well as “Il Pittore Volante” a sort of “Journal” reviewing fifteen years of travels, notes, and remarks on art.

He meets the singer Cristina Cioni, daughter of tenor Renato Cioni, who becomes his model and companion. Cristina will model in most of his future works.


One-man show at the Galleria Eleuteri in Rome.


One-man show at the Galleria Eleuteri in Rome.


In the region of Trentino and especially in Trent, he executes an extensive collection of portraits that will busy him for months.