He sets up his art studio in Portoferraio, Island of Elba.
Under the protection of an important Swiss magnate family of collectors (Adda and Max Schmidheiny), on several occasions and for several months, he engages in a series of portraits in Zurig, Heerbrugg, Klosters, Davos and Gstaad.
In contact with collectors, he his taste and love of great painting; the portraits of the Sprüngli chocolate magnates date back to this time.
In the same year he is introduced to a painter from Istria, Iginio Gonni (1911-2003), with whom he had begun an artistic fellowship in 1975 which will last twenty eight years. He also begins a series of portraits of Florentine aristocrats among whom the Geddes da FIlicaia and the Rucellai.
In Rome, Gian Luigi Rondi, film critic and writer, and later President of the Biennale di Venezia encourages him and introduces him to Roman portraits.
In May he executes the portrait of the Indian philosopher U.G.Krishnamurti.

Series of portraits of Neapolitan people encouraged by the Calandra family, composed of architects and collectors.
One-man show at the Galleria Luca Giordano in Naples.

One-man show at the Galleria Luca Giordano in Naples.
Starting in February, he returns in Switzerland on several occasions to execute other portraits near St Moritz.
The Accademia Egiziana in Rome, on invitation of the then vice director and Egyptian painter Farouk Hosni, now minister for Egyptian culture, commissions the portrait of the Egyptian neo president Hosni Mubarak.
He executes the portrait of Marina Letta in Rome.

One-man show in September at the Pinacoteca of via Giulia, in Rome.
The portraits of the Borghese family are executed this year, Dona Borghese will play an important role in his future artistic life.
In Paris, he participates with two paintings to a competition promoted by the Ministry of French Culture for the appointment of scholarships at the Accademia di Francia in Rome.

One-man show at the Linguella in the Torre Medicea del Martello in Portoferraio.
He meets Duilio Morosini, critic and historian of Contemporary Art. A friendship is born as well as a stimulating artistic-critic fellowship that will last until his death in 1986.

It is the year of the Siena production. He has an art studio/home in via Roma, in Siena.
One-man show at the Galleria Antiquaria Mazzoni in Siena.
In February, back to Switzerland for several portraits, this time sculpture.

On invitation of Mrs. Elisabeth St.Louis, an Italo-American fond of painting and a woman with an extraordinary artistic sensitivity, he begins a series of American portraits that will bring him first to Denver and then to Phoenix, Arizona, where we will remain from April to June to execute the portraits of Siegal and Wolf-Swinkle.
On this occasion, the movie director Paolo Mercadini shoots a 16 mm documentary “Arizona ’88, appunti di un ritrattista in viaggio”.

In May, one-man show at the Accademia del Pontano in Naples sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.


He retires on Elba where he works in solitude on landscapes and still life.