Luciano Regoli was born in Terni in 1949. He graduates in 1970 from the artistic high school in Rome and studies for four years at the faculty of Architecture, which he will abandon to pursue his painting career.

He begins an intense activity as a clerk in a museum with the purpose of studying ancient painting.

At the end of the year he joins the workshop of the painter-priest Father Ortensio Gionfra in the convent of San Bonaventura al Palatino in Rome where he studies painting.
He rent the art studio in Via del Governo Vecchio 73, near Piazza Navona in Rome.

First one-man show in the room of the Castellina at the Palazzo del Vignola in Norcia.
One-man show in Rome at the Galleria Tevere.

One-man show at the gallery “Sette di quadri”, in Arezzo.
He illustrates several books for children for Edizioni Paoline.

One-man show at the gallery Piero della Francesca in Arezzo.
In this year he begins working abroad as a portraitist. He is invited by several Brasilian families and by the sculptor-plastic surgeon Doctor José De Angelis, and works in San Paulo and in Campinas. In San Paulo he meets the then director of the National Gallery of Modern Art of San Paulo, Professor Bardi who encourages him to pursue portraiture.
One-man show at the Galleria Marani in Terni.
One-man show at the Galleria La Darsena in Portoferraio.

During the winter he has a two-week exhibit at the Caplan Gallery in Sheffield, England.
On this occasion, he studies for the first time and in depth English portraiture during a long sojourn in London.
In October, he rents an art studio in Anticoli Corrado, near Rome, the town that offered many models to painting and sculpture in the 1800s and 1900s. He will sojourn frequently in this town in the years to come.