In the nineties, still romantically linked to real music commandment, Luciano Regoli recorded three albums as a vocalist of DGM; his talent made brilliant the singing parts of that prog-metal / hard rock young band. At the beginning of the new millennium, Regoli also produced filmed documents such as “Arizona 88 – Notes from a portraitist on the road” and “Caravaggio in Syracuse”. Finally, he produced the musical “Papa friends”, with the participation of distinguished guests such as Genesis’ Steve Hackett and, under the pseudonym of “Lucio Barone” (the same one adopted when he made the beautiful cover of “Samadhi”), the cover songs album “California Jam” for the singer Cristina Cioni, which features two mainmen of progressive rock good old era: Stefano Sabatini as a pianist, Nicola Di Staso and Walter Martino (ex Libra).

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